Dave Tighe & Nigel Bullock



Dave & Nige got together back in 1998 at a Tamworth Acoustic Cafe gig where they were performing as solo artists. Nigel was just finishing with a local band called 'The Raconteurs' and Dave had recently left a local Country band called 'The Hat Band'. Both of them had toured all over the country doing a variety of venues. When they met they realised what they had got in common and decided to give it a go as a duo. They both like a variety of acoustic music from Dougie Maclean and James Taylor to Tim O'Brien and Steve Earl, and this is reflected in their set list

They started doing gigs in 1999 and have played at a variety of venues around the Midlands, from their favourite little back room folk clubs to rather larger folk festivals. They love to have the banter with the crown and love to involve the crowd in many of their sing-along songs.

They always put a crowd at ease with their easy going humour and love to have a laugh on stage, but they combine this with a superb quality set which is second to none.

The term "seasoned professionals" springs to mind where Dave & Nige are concerned and they have been affectionately titled "The gentlemen of folk" by the local folk clubs.

Dave plays Acoustic guitar, Dobro slide, Bouzouki, Djembe, Udu, Bodhran, mandolin, mandola, cajon Didgeridoo and sings lead and harmony vocals.

Nigel plays Acoustic guitar, Mandolin, Octave Mandola, Bouzouki and sings lead and harmony vocals.

On very special occasions Dave's daughter Rachel accompanies them with superb didgeridoo  playing, its a real treat and well worth getting along to if you can.